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Jameh Mosque of Farumad

Jameh Mosque of Farumad


Jameh Mosque of Farumad

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If you are interested in history, you can read a historical book and watch a historical movie, or you can visit the Jameh Mosque of Farumad. There are some buildings that, despite physical damages, can take you back to many years ago and play with your imagination. The stuccos of Jameh Mosque of Farumad, its deep vault and decoration remaining from different eras can take you on a journey back into history. 

Jameh Mosque of Farumad is close to the road between Shahrud and Mashhad, in a village with the same name. Farumad village is located in Mayemey County, northeast of Shahrud.

Jameh Mosque of Farumad has a two-iwan plan. There are no certain tablet indicating the date of the building. However, based on the similarities between this mosque and other two-iwan mosques of Khorasan, it is estimated to date back to Khwarazmian dynasty. Next to the Jameh mosque, there is the tomb of Ibn Yamin, a poet from the eighth century. The city of Farumad became famous after the movement of Sarbadars.

The structure of the Jameh Mosque of Farumad is spread over eight hundred and twenty square meters. It has two iwans on north and south, two smaller iwans on two sides of them, a sanctuary on the east of the southern iwan, two arcades on two sides of the yard and a vaulted room in the west side of the northern iwan. The western sanctuary of Farumad is completely destroyed and a little part of it has remained. But the stucco and amazing tile works from fourth to the seventh century has been applied to other parts of the building. These decorations combined with turquoise tiles provide vast information about architecture, in particular, the style of Khwarazmian architecture. There is speculation that this mosque was built over a fire temple. But there is no evidence to prove it.

The entrance portal of Jameh Mosque of Farumad is one of its beautiful features that is located in northern side. It is decorated with brickworks, stucco and tablets. Ornamented with stucco in turquoise and ultramarine, the altar is located in the south side of the mosque.

Jameh Mosque of Farumad has been registered as a national heritage of Iran.

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