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 Mausoleum of Sheikh Abu al-Hassan Kharaqani

Mausoleum of Sheikh Abu al-Hassan Kharaqani


Mausoleum of Sheikh Abu al-Hassan Kharaqani

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Bastam is a city near Shahroud which can be called the city of mystics. In addition, to be the host of Bayazid Bastami, it has embraced the tomb of Abu al-Hassan Kharaqani, too. It is one of the main spiritual tourism destinations in Iran.

Sheikh Abu al-Hassan Kharaqani is one of the great mystics and Sufis of Iran lived in the 4th and 5th centuries AH. Khawhjeh Abdullah Ansari was of disciples and pupils of this great man who mentioned to Sheikh Abu al-Hassan Kharaqani in his writings, besides the other famous scholars like Abolqasem al-Qushayri, Javad Noorbakhsh and Abo al-Abbas Qassab Amoli who named Abu al-Hassan in their notes. Sheikh Abu al-Hassan Kharaqani considered Bayazid Bastami to be his master.

A famous narrative about him is an epigraph on his Khanqah: “everyone who comes here should be welcomed and not be asked for their faith, since one who deserves a spirit for god, deserves a bread for Abu al-Hassan”

Sheikh Abu al-Hassan Kharaqani is among those Sufis who had a significant role in maintaining the Iranian culture, however, unfortunately he is not properly known among the public. Based upon some narratives, Mahmud of Ghazni, the Sultan, met him and received some advice from him

The former building of mausoleum of Sheikh Abu al-Hassan Kharaqani was a plain construction until 1352 AH when a new structure was built over his tomb. Today, this mausoleum is placed in the middle of a green garden. There was a mosque near the tomb in the past from which only the alter (Mihrab) has been remained.

The mausoleum has been designed based on the overall pattern of Persian Garden through which a stream is flowing; A brick building that its façade has been designed to have appeared between two rows of tall trees. There are also several statues of Abu al-Hassan in the yard of the complex.

The mausoleum of Abu al-Hassan Kharaqani is located in Kharaqan village in the north of Bastam, one of Shahroud’s environs. Ecotourism hostels have also been provided in the complex for the tourists.

The historical-cultural complex of Abu al-Hassan Kharaqani was inscribed on the list of National heritages of Iran.

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