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Clouds Forest (Abr Forest)

Clouds Forest (Abr Forest)


Clouds Forest (Abr Forest)

Clear Sky

Clear Sky





Shahroud Abr forest is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes, the oldest and most beautiful part of Hyrcanian forest which is the remnants of the geological 3rd period. This forest is located in the continuation of lush forests in the north of Iran, the border of Semnan and Golestan provinces, two semi-desert and forest ecosystems. Specific geographical location of the region that is located beside the areas upper and lower areas has resulted to an ocean of clouds in this region and it is consequently  named Abr (clouds) Forest since the forest covered with a huge cover of clouds; a rare phenomenon in the world.

The height of forest from the sea level, low temperature in hot seasons, abundant springs and rare and varied forest and animal species are the characteristics of this forest. The primary areas of cloud forest was the summer region for Golestan shepherds but there is no trace of human in the depth of forest. This forest has been introduced as protected areas

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