Rig-e Jenn Desert

Rig-e Jenn Desert


Rig-e Jenn Desert

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There are many desert lands in Iran with special stories; however, Rig-e Jenn (it means an area of sand dunes that has been, according to some beliefs and fictions, created by jinn) is probably the most mysterious Kavir in Iran that can make an exciting experience for you.

Rig-e Jenn is a desert region in the south of Semnan and southwest of Dasht-e Kavir, between Semnan and Isfahan provinces.

Different stories and fictions have been created around this desert and it is a region traveling to which is not possible without a professional group. Rig-e Jenn marshes are among the most dangerous parts of this desert coming out of which is not easy so that it can even leads to death. This part of the desert is considered to be the Bermuda Triangle of Iran.

But apart from these dangers, most of the statements about Rig-e Jenn is related to fictions. Locals believe in some fictions and stories that left many questions unanswered. However, the cause of most of these phenomena has today been recognized. For example, a sound is heard in the desert that is known as the Cry of Stone. The cause of this natural phenomenon is the expansion and contraction of stones and breaking them in the result of the temperature difference between day and night.

However, you can enjoy, regardless of these fictions, an exciting travel to Rig-e Jenn. Also, you can experience an attractive travel across the desert by off-road equipped vehicles or by motorcycle. One can also cross the desert barefoot and enjoy being touched by hot sands of Kavir. If you want to stay for a night in this region observing the desert sky that is full of stars is highly recommended.

Don’t forget an important point for travel to this region that is following the professional nature trekkers who are completely familiar with the desert land. Rig-e Jinn is quite different from Maranjab Kavir and you must take into account certain points.

Like other deserts of Iran, autumns and winters are the best time to travel to Rig-e Jenn. However, please check the weather forecasts before traveling to this area.

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