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Tadayon House

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Tadayon House is a historic building located in Abbasieh alley, a part of big district of Nasar, one of five districts of Semnan County. This house, also known as Mohammadieh House, belongs to a very reputed tradesman named Mohammadieh, son in law of Mirza Abdollah Tadayon and is reminiscent of Qajar era. This house is positioned next to the north-south Rasteh (a group of shops) of Semnan Bazaar and they have been built almost at the same time.

Tadayon House can be seen in the photographs that Mirza Abdollah Qajar, the private photographer of Naser al-Din Shah, took during the trip of the Qajar king to Mashhad in 1867.

Tadayon House is made from cob bricks, bricks, clay and, and stone. It includes three sections of Biruni, Andaruni (private quarters), and maid chambers. This historical house has three entrances. The main entrance is located in Taleqani Street and the northern entrance was opened for business meetings, house members, the maid, and the stables.

After the main entrance there are the Hashti, a corridor and the Miansara. The summer and winter rooms, built with pointed barrel vaults, stucco and iwans, eastern and western terraces, Howz Khaneh, the side rooms and storages are located in east and west of the Miansara in Andaruni section. The summer room has a wind catcher. There is a stone pool and flower garden in Miansara.

The Miansara in Andaruni has a pathway to the Miansara in Biruni, where used to be the business offices. In this section, there are two big halls in the north side, a pathway into Andaruni and underground storage for goods. Pointed barrel vaults, Ezareh made of bricks or stone, woodworks, and brick works are some of the ornates of the exterior of the building.

The maid chambers have surrounded the Miansara in Biruni section. Located in the southern side, it contains many rooms, a kitchen, storage and stable. The Miansara of the maid chambers is smaller and simpler than the rest of the building.

Today, Tadayon House is the office of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Semnan province. Photography gallery and handicrafts exhibitions have been set up and can be visited.

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