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Bafgh is one of the cities of Yazd province located in the southwest of the province, adjacent to Kerman province and close to the largest desert area and brines of this province namely Darreh Anjir Kavir. This city has a warm and desert climate and it is the provenance of the elders and Iranian supreme poets. 
Vahshi Bafqi, the Iranian famous poet, Soltan Ali Khan Vazir Afkham, Allameh Emad Hakimi Bafqi and Mohammad Taqi Bafqi are the best-known persons of this city.
Bafq shares land borders with Darreh Anjir Kavir to the north and west, with Kerman to the south and with the central Zagros to the east.  Darreh Anjir Kavir is the largest desert in the province that has been formed in result of the brines of salty rivers. This geographical feature has made a warm and arid weather in eastern parts of Bafgh and a bit more temperate and moderate climate in the western parts. the drinking water resources of this city is supplied from the local Qanats. 
Bafgh is among the mineral poles of Iran and the most significant supplier of the raw materials of steel and iron industry. The Choghart iron ore mine, Kooshk lead-zinc deposit and many mines of iron, lime, lead and building stones are the main part of the industry in Yazd province. 
In the agricultural part, date and pistachio produced in this city are exported to other regions of Iran in addition to the provincial consumption. 
One of the main natural attractions of Bafgh is the desert parts. Hasan Abad smooth sands, Darreh Anjir Kavir, Sadeq Abad Kavir and Moqestan Kavir are among the attractions of this city. Many visitors come here every year to visit the Qanats from which the water of this region is supplied. The historical house of Vahshi Bafqi related to 10th-century A.H, is one of the main historical attractions of this region because of the shapely architecture and utensils and wares remained from its time. 
Besides the old mansions and caravanserais, the historical tree of Plane in Bajgan village (100km to Bafgh) is the other attraction of this city with more than 1000years history; It is 34meters tall. Autumns and winters are the best times for traveling to Bafgh.  
Different handicrafts formed from the leave and other components of palm trees are the main handmade products and souvenirs of this city. Mat, hat, tablecloth and hand fan are among these products. In addition to palm leaves, other parts of this tree that are called Lif are also used in making handicrafts. Mat, rope or Manal are those objects that are made through tying these lifs. 


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