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Iran National Museum

Iran National Museum


Iran National Museum

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The National Museum is the most important museum in Iran to hold archaeological collections; research shows that it is established commissioned by Reza Shah to a French architect, Andre Godard. It is began to build on 21 May 1313 Hijri, completed and opened to the public in 1316.

Now the Iran national museum works with two separate buildings as, Ancient Iran Museum and the Museum of Islamic period, with about 300,000 historical objects from different historical periods is the best museums in the world, related to the culture, art and history of Iran. The oldest traces of human presence on the Iranian Plateau, about six hundred thousand years ago, kept in this museum.

It contains 13 sections, pre-history, history, Islam, stamps and coins, repair, scrolls, library and documentation center, the history of Iranian art research, research center for Nations History of Civilization, Photography, public relations and international relations, news and physical protection.

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