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Reza Abbasi Museum

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Reza Abbasi Museum was opened in 1356 S.H. in front of Electronic College of Khaje Nasir Toosi University and it was named Reza Abbasi in memory of the famous Kashan painter.  The building was originally belonged to an exhibition of furniture and internal decoration which was bought for a museum usage because of its unique architectural features. Reza Abbasi Museum can be considered as one of the richest historical-cultural collections in Iran so that it was, in fact, a small sample of National Museum of Iran. The collection includes materials from the second millennium B.C. to the beginning of the 20th century and Qajar period.

Approximately 50000 items are kept in this museum. The building has three stories that the visitor movement has been planned to start from the third floor downward. The materials kept in the museum are exhibited in five halls: pre-history hall (the third floor); Islamic art halls 1 & 2 (the second floor); Miniature hall (the first floor); calligraphy hall (the first floor); and a hall for temporary exhibitions (the ground floor). The items here are exhibited chronologically in such a way that the visitors can follow the evolution process of Persian art, civilization and culture; this installation style is unique among other Iran museums. The preservation and restoration department of the museum with two laboratories and a workshop is dedicated to restoring and repairing the paintings, metal materials and handwritten manuscripts which is considered one of the most advanced restoration workshops in Iran; therefore, the mission here is not only restoring the items of Reza Abbasi Museum, but also they carry out restoring of the materials related to other museums. In spite of having 50000 items in its collection, the halls of Reza Abbasi Museum can only exhibit 700 item and other works find occasionally a chance to be showed.

The Museum library contains more than 10000 volumes books in Farsi, English, French and German languages. Moreover, the library is the subscriber of more than 50 domestic and foreign publications.  The logo of Reza Abbasi Museum was designed in 1355 S.H. by Morteza Momayyez (the father of Iranian Graphic).

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