The Persian Gulf

The Persian Gulf

The Persian Gulf

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The Persian Gulf is one of the most important seas in the world. It is a Middle East sea with huge resources of oil and gas. It is one of the strategic areas of Iran. According to the historical documents, the Persia Empire and other powers have always been interested in the Persian Gulf. As the science and industry of sailing grew, the pioneers went and built their establishment there, such as the castles built by the Portuguese in the ports and islands. Strait of Hormoz is one of the main trading routes of oil from the Persian Gulf to all the places in the world, which adds to the strategic importance of this region.

The Persian Gulf has a half dry-half tropical weather. Its deepest point is about ninety meters and is located in Strait of Hormoz. The depth of the sea decrease on the western side of the sea, reaching only ten to thirty meters. Arvand, Karun, Dialeh, Zab, Jarahi, Mand, Dalaki and Minab are some of the most important rivers that flow into this sea.

In addition to the importance of oil and gas resources and sailing, the beaches by the Persian Gulf can be very significant in terms of tourism. The southern ports of Iran such as Bandar Abbas, Asaluyeh and Bushehr have many tourism attractions in them. Iranian Islands like Kish, Gheshm, Hormoz, and Hengam, on the other hand, are some of the popular tourist destinations that have gained more ecotourism popularity during recent years.

Gheshm is the biggest island of Iran located in Strait of Hormoz. In addition to beautiful beaches, it has many tourist attractions known as the seven wonders of Gheshm. Hormoz Island is known for its colorful soil. Islands of Hengam, Hendurabi, and Lark are other tourist sites of the Persian Gulf.

One of the magnificent scenes of the Persian Gulf can be seen when the planktons shine at midnight. Although this phenomenon can not be predicted.

It is best to travel to the Persian Gulf during autumn and winter. During that time, the water has a suitable temperature for swimming.

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