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Kish Recreational Pier

Kish Recreational Pier


Kish Recreational Pier







One of the spectacular places that all tourists visit is Kish Recreational Pier. If you go to the end of Darya Boulevard, you will see the sign of the grand recreational pier of Kish. It is about a 10-minute walking from the pier to Venus Bazaar and an 8-minute walking from Maryam Bowling. Kish Pier was built in 2006. It has been developed over the years and now it has become a recreation center of Kish.
Everything here is for a few hours of fun and entertainment. You can rent a glass-bottom boat and make one of the memorable trips to the island. Pedal boating, rowing boat, or water bike are the next options in Kish Recreational Pier.
If you are not into boating, you can try fishing. Many tourists come to the pier to fish or watch the fishermen. Of course, at the pier, a special place for fishing is specified and the work is pursued professionally!
One of the advantages of Kish Pier is that if you do not like any entertainment, there is another option for you. Diving is one of those things that is not always possible. But on this island, you can dive underwater in the Persian Gulf without any special skills. Here you can experience living underwater.
Some tourists are looking for more exciting experiences, such as jet skiing or flyboarding. A flyboard is the same as flying over water without wings! Exciting and different!
 We need peace of mind sometimes when traveling. In this case, you can walk on a recreational pier, or sit in a corner watching turtles, fish, or seabirds. Watching the sunrise or sunset next to the recreational pier of Kish is never forgotten.
Right next to the pier, you can rent bicycles and experience the Kish bike path. This route crosses the coast and is clear and memorable.
Visiting the recreational pier of Kish is free, but you have to pay for using its facilities separately.

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