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Kish Marine Recreation Center

Kish Marine Recreation Center


Kish Marine Recreation Center

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Kish Marine Recreation Center is a unique complex in the Kish Free Zone that provides a variety of water recreation for travelers and tourists. Every year, many travelers travel to this island to make an unforgettable memory by using tourist facilities on this coast of the Persian Gulf. Kish Island offers many entertainments for different tastes, including marine and non-marine recreation such as cycling, gliding, skiing, and bowling. But the marine recreation center focuses exclusively on the island's water excursions.
Diving is without a doubt the first and perhaps most exciting pastime that will take you to this center. Diving is possible on many days because of the calm waters of the Persian Gulf and the climate of Kish. If diving was a dangerous activity in the past that required long-term medical training for underwater breathing, today, with the advances that have been made and the facilities provided on Kish Island, all people, even those who are afraid of water and do not know how to swim, and trained people can easily experience swimming with fish and other aquatic animals as well as beautiful corals on the azure island of the Persian Gulf. For those who are very beginners, diving is done in shallower waters. In Kish Marine Recreation Center, there are experienced instructors to train all people in all age groups. You will experience an underwater journey for 15 minutes. CMan Club, Seychelles Club, Nautilus Club, and Diving Center are some of the clubs that allow you to dive. Big Coral and Jurassic Park are also some of the best diving spots in Kish. Big Coral and Jurassic Park are also some of the best diving spots in Kish. Other water sports in the center include jet skiing and cable skiing. Jet skiing is one of the most exciting water sports equipment, which is made in a boat-like form and is used for water and snow sports. This device is also used in docks and competitions. A person with a Jet Ski certification must be with you and no more than two people can ride a jet ski. The cable ski center in Kish is also the largest in the Middle East with the possibility of using 12 people at the same time. Cable skiing is a type of water skiing, but here the skier is not pulled by a motorboat, but towers are installed in the sea to which cables are attached. These cables are in the hands of the skier and are connected to the top of the tower on the other side. Cable ski is a marine recreation center with a length of 860 meters and a width of 160 meters, of which five towers are installed on the water. This move is also done with a paraglider and is extremely exciting.
Parasailing is another water sport in Kish Marine Recreation Center where you ride a colorful parachute that is attached to a motorboat. It sends you to the heights to see the beautiful island and the Persian Gulf at a glance. The capacity of these umbrellas is four people and it rises to a height of 150 to 300 meters. Shuttle and Banana are other exciting activities in Kish Marine Recreation Center. These two are air tubes that can be used in multiples. These tubes are pulled on the water by a boat. If you come to Kish Island and you are interested in a sea adventure, be sure to visit the Marine Recreation Center and experience the whole sea package in one place. The options are so numerous that no doubt your excitement will make your heart beat faster. These include speedboats, yachts, scooters, flyboards, and fly jets.

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