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Kish Dolphin Park

Kish Dolphin Park

Kish Dolphin Park

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Kish is the most celebrated tourist island in Persian Gulf and is constantly visited all the time of the year. One of its many features is the Dolphin Park. It is located about seven kilometers of the pier and Maryam bowling complex, three kilometers of Marjan (Coral) Bazaar, in the southeast of the island. This park is the first dolphinarium in Iran. It was opened in 1384 SH in an area of one hundred hectares.

Dolphin Park has many shows, and in addition to the dolphinarium, it includes bird garden, a circus, laser show, saltwater aquarium, and landscape area. This complex is designed to entertain both children and adults. All the sites of shows can be reached with a little walking. There are also buses to transport visitors between the bird garden and the dolphinarium.

The dolphins are very charming animals and they put on exciting shows with the help of their coaches. Watching them swim around and dive can be a very memorable experience. Other animals such as sea lions, walruses, and penguins are living in the complex, too. The pools of the park have been filled by the water from the sea, and the animals are living in an environment similar to their natural habitats.

However, not only water animals live there. After visiting the dolphinarium, you can go to the bird garden. It has two parts. One of them is where the birds are kept in cages, and in the other, they live and fly in an area of two hectares. About fifty-seven species of birds are kept in the garden. They have been gathered from different countries all over the world. Visiting pelicans, flamingos, swans, storks, grey crowned cranes, peacocks, toucans, and guineafowls can be very exciting. If you are lucky enough, you may see a peacock spread out his tail. Monkeys and gazelles live in the park, too. Going further, you will reach the tunnel of reptiles. You can see marsh crocodiles.

 The circus, or the classic show, is an acrobatic show that is performed by Iranian and Russian artists.

The landscape of the park is very attractive. About thousands of trees of different species have been planted there, such as sacred figs, bottlebrushes, myrtles, yellow elders, gum trees, hollyhocks, and weeping figs. After touring around the park, you can rest in cafes or restaurants.

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