House of Fekri

House of Fekri

Bandar Lengeh

House of Fekri

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Bandar Lengeh is located on the coast of the ever beautiful Persian Gulf. In addition to having picturesque views of sunrises and sunsets by the sea, it is the home of one of the historic house of Hormozgan Province called Fekri. This building is located in Chamran Blvd. in the district of Pakarati. It is only one and a half kilometers of Kowsar Beach Park.

Abdolvahed Fekri was one of the merchants of Bandar Lengeh at the time of Qajar. He built this mansion by stone, plaster and Sarooj mortar in a land of three thousand and four hundred square meters. At that time, the house was near the entrance of the city, and soon it became one of the gathering centers of the merchants. Like most of the Iranian houses, Fekri House has two parts of Andarouni and Birouni, in other words, the public and the private chambers. It was very suitable to greet the guests.

There are a few steps at the entrance door of the house. Its portal is simple and yet beautiful. The mansion has two yards separating two parts of the building. The main door is located in the southern yard. Five steps connect the yard to the Iwan. The mansion is about five meters higher than the ground level, and if you stand on the Iwan, you will be able to see the sea.

One of the architectural features of House of Fekri is its five wind catchers that moderate the hot weather of the south. They decrease the temperature of inside too much lower degrees than the streets. There are two main corridors and twenty-five rooms built in the mansion, as well as ten bathrooms. The roof is made of wooden logs from African Chandal and mat with raw cob clay as its cover. The mats are weaved from leaves of palm trees or straw.

The doors of the rooms are made of Teak wood. Some have plain glass, and some have colorful glasses. Artistic stuccos and wood carvings have decorated the House of Fekri. There is a vast garden in the yard, through which there is a corridor.

House of Fekri was registered in 1375 SH as a national heritage and has been repaired many times. One of them is related to the New Year of 1396 SH when it was gravely damaged by the spring rains. It was repaired in 1397 SH, too. The mansion is now under the administration of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran.

House of Fekri is very close to the beach of Bandar Lengeh. After visiting the building, you can walk to the beach by the Persian Gulf and enjoy listening to the sound of the waves.

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