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Sanandaj, in the winter quarters plains of the Zagros mountain region, is located in the south of the Kurdistan province, at the height of 1450 to 1538 meters above sea level.

This city climate is cold and semi-arid. Sanandaj consists of 4 parts named "Klatrzan", "Markazi"- "Sirvan" - "Hussain Abad", 2 cities and 12 rural districts. Power plant, petrochemical, textile, shoe making, tannery, paper making, chemical production, power generation and electronics and metal, non-metal mineral products, food and pharmaceutical products are the industries of Sanandaj.

In this city, there are many mines with export products due to their quality. Vahdat reservoir dam (winter quarters), located in ten kilometers north of the city on the river of Qeshlaq has been created Vahdat lake and provides the drinking water for the residents of Sanandaj.

In addition to the industry, agriculture and animal husbandry constitute the economy of Sanandaj. Historical buildings, mosques and edifices, the old bazaar, handicrafts, a highly delicate and single woof with symmetrical knot known as Sane rug, costumes, music, dancing, exquisite wood industry with a global reputation beside the beautiful nature constitute the most importatnt tourist attractions of this city. The Sufi mystical ceremony is another tourist attraction in the city. Sanandaj residents' language is Kurdish and they speak in Ardalani Kurdish dialect. Islam is the religion of Sanandaj people who are mostly the followers of Sunni branch of al-Shafi'i, and some of them are Shia followers. Other religious minorities also live in this city.

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