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Abidar is the name of a mountain that is facing the city of Sanandaj in the Kordestan Province. It is located southwest of the city. Abidar Mountain is also called Avier in the local dialect. This word is inspired by Abdareh or Az Ab Be Dar. This is because of many rivers and water springs that originate from the surrounding mountains and feed historical Qanats of Khosrowabad, Asef, and Vakil.

Abidar has been formed by two mountains of Abidar Bozorg or Great Bavidar, which is two thousand and five hundred and fifty meters high, and Bidar Kuchak or Small Anidar that is two thousand and three hundred and fifty meters high. Abidar is located in the zone between Sanandaj and Sirjan. Geological formations that can be found in this site are gray shales, volcanic stones, and quartz sediments. It should be mentioned that during the archeological expeditions that were conducted in Abidar, potteries that belong to Stone and Copper Age have been discovered in the foothills of its mountains.

There are many natural attractions at Abidar. They include the mineralization sites of Shafa, Mamatekeh, Bante, Goizeh Kavir, Kher Zendeh, Taghedar, Amiriyeh Garden, Haft Asiab, Ban Shelaneh, Kachak Qoran, Kachak and Abidar Peak, where a shelter has been built for the climbers to use. There is a forest park. It is located one thousand and six hundred meters to two thousand and five hundred meters above the sea level. It spreads over an area of about two thousand and eight hundred kilometers. Its vegetation has been formed by trees such as European ash, black pine, Turkish pine, silver willow, Arizona cypress, European nettle, and locusts.

One of the most exciting attractions of Abidar is its outdoor cinema. One of the world's biggest outdoor cinemas was built over the Amireih valley by mayor Ardavan Nosoudi in 1995. There used to show a movie every Friday. About ten thousand people can be seated in its space. Today Hozeh Honary of Kordestan shows a movie each night at 9 pm. Major sports events, such as semifinals and final match of world cups is broadcasted in the cinema, too.

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