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Palangan Village

Palangan Village

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Palangan Village

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Palangan is a village within one kilometer of "Tangivar" valley in Kamyaran county, located in Kurdistan province. The population of Palangan, which is enlisted as a national monument of Iran, is about a thousand people who speak Kurdish dialect of Orami. It is not clear whether the word "Palangan" is derived from the word "palang" (means leopard in Persian) or the word pal in the Kurdish dialect meaning shelter. 
Due to the fact that Palangan is situated at the foothills on both sides of the valley, it has houses with terraced structure and is made of stone. The water source of this village is irrigated from Tangivar River flows and 20 springs in the Tangivar. One of the marvelous points about Palangan Village is that the water springs located in the valley have led to the formation of stunning waterfalls. 
The Tangivar River joins the Sirvan River after Palangan. Near one kilometer southeast of Palangan village in the valley and next to the springs, there is a fortified structure called "Palangan Castle" which shows signs of ancient fire temples and bridges inside and outside of this monument. This castle dates back to the Medes and the Cyaxares era.
There are 7 other forts left in Palangan Village as well attributed to the reminisce of one ancient city of Medes era. There is also a Jews cemetery from Achaemenid Empire with some inscriptions on grave stones related to the sixth and seventh centuries. 
Nowruz is the biggest and most important celebration for the residents of Palangan the same as other Iranian people. In this celebration, along with folkloric music and dancing, a large torch is lit. Hence, it is recommended to visit this eye-catching village, especially in Nowruz (in the middle of March). 
Another attractive point of Palangan village is their entertaining local games which Horse riding, Gorz-Bazi and Kushe Kushe could be named but a few. The people of Palangan village produce products such as wheat, barley, oil, honey,"moj", etc. Fruits such as pomegranate, strawberry, peach, apricot and fig are also grown in Palangan gardens. Delicious cuisines such as grilled fish, Doineh soup, Kurdish doogh soup, Shalmin are also common in Palangan.

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