Noosh Abad

Isfahan Province
Time Zone

Noosh Abad

Few Clouds

Noosh Abad city is located in 7/5 km of Kashan city and 2/5 km of Aran and Bidgol City at the height of 900 meters above the sea level.

The climatic conditions of this city is warm and arid in summer and cold in winter.

The natural conditions of Noosh Abad are like an even plain without natural phenomena.

Noosh Abad with more than 150 monuments related to Seljuk, Mongol, Safavid and Qajar era is one of the ancient areas in Isfahan province. Half of the Noosh Abad monuments are located inside the city context and the other ones are located in the desert of this city.

In addition to various historical monuments, religious places, aqueducts, suitable soil vegetation have been converted this area into one of the tourist regions of Iran.

Today, there is no trace of old handicrafts of this city such as Jolabafi, Sherbafi and sericulture while the rug weaving has a main role in economic and social activities of the people. The people of this city are Muslims and they are followers of Shia.


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