Hasht Behesht

Hasht Behesht


Hasht Behesht

Few Clouds

The Hasht Behesht historic mansion was one of the last palaces of the Safavid kings in the past which has been known as the most beautiful palace in the world.

The mansion is located in the large garden that is a part of the Naghsh-e Jahan garden, Nightingale Garden, built on the order of Shah Ismail I.

This building was built in 1080 AH and its other names are Hasht Behesht, Hasht Dar-e Behesht and the Nightingale Garden.

This octagonal building has four facades that with all the similarities are not the same as each other. It seems that the northern facade is the main facade while the place of pool on the east side determines the main facade. The Mansion was built two meters above the ground. The mansion has two floors and stairs in each side which is usable to go up and down.

The rooms in first floor of the four corners of the mansion have been decorated with stucco and painting. There is an octagonal pond in the middle of the hall, known as the pearl made of marble. The pool is carved, so the water seeps out of its holes like pearls in such design. The luxury and beautiful park built around the palace is the famous promenades in Isfahan now.

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