Borujerdis' Historical House

Borujerdis' Historical House


Borujerdis' Historical House

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Borujerdis historical house is one of the aristocratic houses in Qajar period, built by a famous merchant of Kashan whose name was Haj Seyed Hassan Natanzi.

This building generally consists of two outer and inner parts without garden. Contrary to the conventional beliefs, this house didn't belong to the people of Borujerd but because of the trade between Natanz merchants who were originally from Kashan with Borujerd merchants, Kashan people called it Boroujerdi.

Most of the characteristics of old house in Kashan including two basements around the inside and outside yards, a roofed place, panjdari, Mahtabi, entrance porch, a summer porch, winter porch etc., have found in this house architecture adequately appropriate designed to the climatic characteristics and weather conditions of  desert area in three floors.

The roofed place in this house is the most exceptional character in entire city. Borujerdis house is one the important historical monuments in terms of architecture, painting and stucco decorations as well as its antiquity. Today, the exterior part of building is belonged to Cultural Heritage Organization from 1353 Hijri and the inner parts are under private ownership.

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