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Natanz is located in the north of Isfahan Province, on the way of Kashan to Isfahan, on the hillside of Karkas Mountains Range.

This city height is about 1372 m above the sea level and it is close to the central desert of Iran. Natanz enjoys three types of climate as cold, warm, arid and moderate.

Natanz consists of two part named “Markazi”, ”Imamzadeh”, four cities as “Badroud”, ”Khaledabad”, ”Natanz”, ”Torghrood” and 5 rural districts.

Clean and pleasant climate is the most prominent features of this city distinguishing it from the warm desert. The center of Natanz is known as Bagh-e Shahr according to its specific natural conditions. Agriculture, gardening, floriculture and filature are regularly done in this city.

Ancient and historical monuments and original natural sights are the tourist attractions of this city. Various handicrafts such as carpet weaving, pottery, ceramics, spinning, weaving and Charugh sewing are produced in Natanz.

The importance of the city is increased by its strategic location in the vicinity of Tehran-Natanz-Isfahan highway and Bandar Abbas transit road as well as of the North to South railway. This region is one of the first centers in extracting and melting metals and one of the oldest industrial cities in the world.

Uranium enrichment installation established in Natanz has increased the importance and popularity of this city about Iran nuclear program not only in Iran but also in all over the world.

The people of Natanz speak in one of the old dialects of Iranian language. People in Natanz and various parts of it use the special diacritic in vowel pronunciation of words and phrases. The people of this city are Muslims and follower of Shia.

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