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Mehriz in 30 km south of Yazd, is located at the height of 1470 meters above sea level.

The continuious parts of Shirkooh highlands in the western part of the city led to the formation of rich groundwater aquifers and air adjustment in comparison to the other parts of Yazd province.

Mehriz weather in the mountainous part is semi-arid and it experiences an arid climate in the plains. Mehriz consists of one part naming “Markazi”, one city as “Mehriz” and five rural districts. Mehriz is one of the main historical cities of Yazd known to be "The Garden of city" of this province and is famous for “Historical castles“.

Being located in a strategic position along the roads of Tehran-Bandar Abbas (Yazd-Kerman), terrestrial communications intersection, mineral deposits and cheap factors of production (labor, land, etc.) are the special features of this city.

The appropriate weather of this region provides favorable conditions for cultivation of garden and agricultural products. Also, the city is one of the most important centers of pistachio cultivation.

In addition to agriculture and animal husbandry, people of this area are involved in crafts such as carpet weaving, forging, Saryashm (natural glue), Giveh Bafi, basketry and knife making.

Economic magnificent monuments (inns, orchards, etc.), political-military (lordship buildings,vast rural castles and etc), religious  (mosques, Qadamgah, worship, etc) defensive- monitoring (scouting towers) and massive brick-adobe structures are the tourist attractions in the city.

The most important villages in the city Mehriz are Saryazd, Mirek Abad, Esmat Abad, Dohuk garden and etc. Mehriz people speak in Farsi with some dialects; Most of them are Muslims and followers of Davazdah Imami Shia. A group of Zoroastrians also lives in this city.


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