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Gharbalbiz Spring

Gharbalbiz Spring


Gharbalbiz Spring

Clear Sky

Clear Sky





Yazd is considered to be a desert and dry province with scorching sun and low annual rainfall. However, the same desert region has many countryside areas on the hillside with rivers full of water and garden alleyways with pomegranate and pistachio trees that double the beauty of this Kavir. One of the good weather areas of Yazd that have both mountains and desert is Mehriz.

There is a mountain namely Shirkuh and a spring namely Gharbalbiz, 40 kilometers to Yazd. Is not it that in desert Iran, wherever there is water, it develops and cities and town are created? The role Gharbalbiz spring plays in Mehriz was in the same way. The water is originated from the heights of Shirkuh. The same freshwater gathered people together, houses were built and later a city and civilization created backing to Parthian period.

There is a natural dint in Madvar village, 40 kilometers to Mehriz in which freshwater pours down from the surrounding mountains and is turned into a natural lake. The appellation of this spring is due to the existence of several dints on the hillside that get full of water during the rainy seasons and make a large spring in the same dint; these dints are considered to be similar to a Gharbal (meaning sieve) through which the water exits. The fresh and clean water is the main feature of this spring the quality of which has not been changed over time.

 There was an older civilization close to this old spring; the civilization which is attributed to Parthian period by the archaeologists, in the result of a 72-days excavation expedition, in 2000. Discovering 35 graves in a land with 2000 square meter area that were buried eastward, the existence of the clay and stonewares along with the small jewelries in these graves indicate the belief of local people of this region in the life after death. The style of putting body in the grave and discovered clays are the evidence confirming the Parthian attributions.

Archaeologists found a building in the south of Gharbalbiz, in these 72 days of excavation, which is the oldest ancient remaining in Yazd province. The main construction materials used in the building was the adobe and, in some cases, stone for more durability. The building was erected in a trapezius-form land with 2200 square meter area that has two northeast and northwest entrances. The northeast entrance had a more formal usage and was being used to the last phases of life of the building. The northwest entrance that was belonged to the ordinary people was apparently locked during the last years of using the building. the main part of the house is placed in the south including two porches, two corridors in two sides and a small room at the back.

This ancient area and its old spring with pleasant weather is one of the main and the largest promenades of Yazd province that is highly populated on weekends. In recent years the beautiful areas with tourism facilities have been established around the spring.

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