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Pahlavanpur Garden

Pahlavanpur Garden


Pahlavanpur Garden

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It is said that the name of Yazd province is knitted with desert, but because of its numerous qanats (sloping underground channel to transport water from an aquifer or water well to surface for irrigation and drinking), there can be found a lot of gardens that some of them are famous worldwide. Pahlavanpur Garden in Mehriz is one of them.

Pahlavanpur Garden located in Zare’in town and Mazvir Abad quarter, Mehriz. The Pahlavanpur monument and garden has been built during the Zand dynasty and repaired during Qajar. They tried to repair it considering the features of Zand architecture style and they have succeeded in doing so. Hasan Mola Reza was the owner and after him, the garden was a heritage to his daughter and his son in law, Ali Pahlavan. He was a businessman and the garden called as Pahlavanpur thereafter.

This complex includes a kushk (a kiosk or a small garden pavilion), a central courtyard, and a garden. Now, it is a hotel and its Persian architectural style is important because it represents the changes in the construction of a Persian garden.

A tower, a barn, and a stable located in the entrance of the garden. The river at the bottom of huge plane trees attracts your attention and its pleasing sound fills the environment. It flows between two rows of plane trees and creates an attractive view. In this garden, there can find fruit trees such as persimmons, pomegranate, and almond.

The river originates from Hasan Abad qanat and it does not cross any other garden. Other qanats cross this garden such as Shah Hoseini and Mazvir Abad.

If you go through the main road of the garden to the end, you reach the kushk with its remarkable architecture that has been built during Qajar. This kushk has two floors and a half and Hasan Abad qanat passes through it.

There is also another building which is called Zamestan Khaneh (the house of winter) which has only one floor. It was built during the Pahlavi era and it was for passing winter.

The monument in the north section was for the servants that it has changed to Pahlavanpur Garden Hotel. The owners have created some facilities for sport and entertainment in the garden, such as table football, beach volleyball, and beach soccer. The rooms have some modern facilities that increase the quality of the hotel.

This garden was registered in the national heritage list in 1381 SH and UNESCO in 2011 AD.

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