World Craft City for Klash (Footwear) Stitching
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Marivan is located in 125 km northwest of Sanandaj, in vicinity to Iran-Iraq border at the height of 1320 meters above the sea level.

Zagros Mountains constitute the most unevenness lands of Marivan. The city is the rainiest city in Kurdistan province with the cold and wet weather.

Marivan consists of three parts as “Markazi”, ”Sarshiv”, ”Khavumirabad”, four cities and 6 rural districts.

This city has been turned into the most important tourism center in Kurdistan province and Iran because of the existence of Zarivar lake as the most significant lagoon and unique water attraction in the west of Iran, geographical and transit location of this city in terms of vicinity to Iraq border, inexpensive commodity shopping centers, pleasant climate and natural environment of forest and mountain.

Valuable handicrafts such as traditional textile, Giveh and wood products of the province are raised in terms of quality and diversity in Iran because of the traditional features of Kurdistan province and lack of a dominant industrial sectors.

Rug and Gilim of Kurdistan province have a global reputation in terms of their variety, color and quality.

The city is one of the cities are attacked during the Iran-Iraq war. The race of Marivan’s people is Median Aryan and the language of these people is Kurdi with South Kurmanji dialect that is included Sorani and Harumi. The religion of the people in this region is Islam and most of them are followers of Sunni, Shafei religion.


Marivan, World Craft City for Klash (Footwear) Stitching

Date of Registration: 2017

Marivan is an important city of Kurdistan Province, in western part of Iran. It is located beside Zarivar Lake -the biggest Freshwater source of the world- in a strategically important place between high mountains of Zagros. Marivan history and economy has been affected hence situated near Iraq Boarder. Nearly 200 thousand residents of Marivan are generally Kurds with their own Kurdish language, traditions, celebrations, dance and many other habits.

The way of dressing is also unique, mostly because of living in cold rocky impassable mountains. One of the main characteristics of dressing is special shoes called “Kelash”, kind of “Giveh”. With an equal design for right and left side, it is convenient for the weather conditions of the area. About 3000 people work in Kelash weaving. Two out of three of Klash weaving artisans are women. Most of the raw material is domestic and Klash is totally handmade. Marivan was included in WIPO list in 2017 for Klash weaving.

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