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Mahdishahr County is located in Semnan province in the neighborhood of Sari (in Mazandaran province) and Firouzkuh (in Tehran province). Mahdishahr county has been known as the district of Sangesar until recently.

Since the city is placed in the north of Semnan, along the Alborz mountain, its climatic conditions are different from most of other regions in Semnan province. Being located in a totally mountainous region, there are several peaks of more than 3000mteres height in this city. 

Shahmirzad city is one of the beautiful and green cities of Mahdishahr that attracts many people every year. Shahmirzad is a city with beautiful garden allies and it is considered as one of the cold regions in Mahdishahr. Plum and walnut are the main agricultural products of Shahmirzad. Shir Qaleh is one of the historical monuments in Shahmirzad located above a high mountain.

The top tourism region of Parvar is another tourism attraction of Mahdishahr, known also as the protected area of Parvar. It is placed on the hillsides of Alborz and is the host of Juniper, green pastures and different species of animals.

Darband cave is the other attraction in Mahdishahr located along the route of Mahdishahr to Shahmirzad.

Darjazin or Dargazin is other good-weather city in Mahdishahr county where many high quality agricultural products like Armenian plum and pomegranate are cultivated.

Molladeh village is also the host of one of the main historic monuments of Mahdishahr county, best-known as Ibrahim Khan palace, including two large mansions.

Among the other historical buildings of Mahdishahr, Kafer Qaleh can be referred which seems to be related to the pre-Islamic period. However, different tribes and nations such as Ismailian used it after that time.

Roudbarak region, Chashm region, Sangesar Nomadic Museum, the ancient area of Kharand, Almahdi Hosseinieh and Qasem shrine are the tourism regions of Mahdishahr county.

The handwoven carpets, waving Jajim and Pelas are the main handicrafts of Mahdishahr people. The nomads of Sangesar produce different dairy products from the sheep milk like yogurt, Arsheh, butter, cheese and chik o took. Agricultural products such as walnut, plum, Armenian plum and pomegranate can also be bought as the souvenirs of Mahdishahr county.  


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