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Kamyaran is a city in the south of Kurdistan province that is highly good-weather during the springs and autumns. This city is located near Kermanshah province. Kamyaran is 75km far from Sanandaj and it is 520km distance to Tehran. The northern neighbor of Kamyaran is Sanandaj and it reaches Kermanshah to the south. Sonqor in placed in its east side and Ravansar in the southwest of it. 
A central district and a district named Muchesh are the subsets of Kamyaran. The central part includes Zhavehrud and Shaho rural districts and Muchesh contains four rural districts as Amirabad, Sursur, Avalan and Gavrud rural districts. The surrounding villages are remarkably busy and populated for the reason that the agriculture is the main source of income in villages. 
People are here Kurd who speak in Kuri language, Kalhor or Urami dialect. Agriculture is really popular in this region and some people are occupied with wheat and barley cultivation. 
The coast of lake of Gavoshan Dam and the margin of Sirwan river are the visitable places of Kamyaran that are highly recommended for nature trekking in different seasons of the year. Palangan is a village in Kamyaran with a famous salmon. The architecture of this village is stairway like Masuleh in Gilan that attracts many tourists to this place. They visit the fish breeding ponds, the historical cemetery, the remains of a fire temple and Palangan castle in this area. 
Akasheh shrine is placed in the way of Kamyaran to Marivan, near Kashter village, and it is 45km away from the center of the city.  Nir, Neshour and Tangi Sar are the environs of Kamyaran that have a picturesque nature. The historical hills of Tobreh, Tize and Tianeh are also visitable in this area. 
People goes to the Govaz village in order to use the medicinal features of mineral water spring of Govaz. The best time for traveling to Kamyaran is spring, summer and autumn because it is really clod during winters. 
People cook local Kurdi foods like Velosheh, Shalamin and Qazineh. Doineh, Kalaneh, Hamegia and Kangar. Moreover, the region produces many high-quality dairy products such as butter and Kashk one can buy them as the souvenirs. Honey, pomegranate, fig, peach, strawberry, almond and Armenian plum are other souvenirs of Kamyaran. Women are here occupied with weaving Giveh and they set fire like a traditional ritual. 


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