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Fuman in the west part of Gilan province is located between mountainous areas and Fumanat plain on the height of 15 meters above the sea level.

This city is limited and abutting to Sowme'eh Sara and Masal cities from the north, Tarom Olya of Zanjan province and Shaft County from the south, Rasht from the east and Khalkhal of Ardabil province from the west.

The climate of this city is moderate and humid like the Gilan province. Fuman consists of two parts named “Sardar Jangal“, ”Markazi”, 3 cities as ”Masuleh, ”Maklavan“, ”Fuman“ and 6 rural districts. Tourism attractions of Fuman beside the traditional architectural area are divided into the natural, historical, religious, cultural, social and economic parts. Being located on the way of the beautiful and historical city of Masuleh is the cause of many tourists' staying in this city. In addition to service activities, natural privileged position and the existence of surface and underground water sources, fertile soils and agricultural potential, especially in the plains and mountains, hunting, honey production, fish farming, agricultural alterant industries and livestock forms the economy of this city. Rice, tea and tobaccco cultivation and sericulture is the main activities of the area. Residents of this city are from Gilak and Talesh tribes; Gilaks who speak in Gilaki dialect live in the plains and Taleshan who speak in ancient Taleshi live in mountains and hillsides. In terms of religion, most of them are Asna Ashari Shia with a few exceptions.


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