Lahijan Lake

Lahijan Lake


Lahijan Lake

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Lahijan is one of the most famous and beautiful cities of Gilan, that is also called the bride of Gilan. Leaning over the beautiful "Sheytan Kuh", Lahijan has a good reputation for its green tea gardens and paddy fields.

Lahijan is a small city with beautiful and ordered streets; if you look at this city from the top of Sheytan Kuh, it looks like a modeled map of an ideal city; A city with red clay roofs, a green and living nature. But what has made Lahijan even more beautiful and enchanting is a large lake that is located in the middle of the city like a beautiful turquoise. This lake is called "Lahijan Lake".

It is said that this lake was built by Shah Abbas to store the water which was flowing from the mountain, in order to irrigate the paddy fields. Shah Abbasi Lake is now shining like a jewel at the heart of the city; a large pool with a view of the ever-green Sheytan Kuh. It has also a shoreline full of Buxus next to a boulevard full of flowers, with a view of seagulls and wild ducks flying in the sky and sitting on the surface of the water. 

There is also a square-shaped island inside this very large lake which is called "Mian Poshte" by the old locals. It is said that Shah Abbas built a palace for himself in this place, but there is no sign of it now. This small island, leading out through a cement bridge, has currently been handed over to the private sector and turned into a restaurant and a place for holding parties and ceremonies. The view of the lake, and the small island in the middle of it, are especially spectacular at night, when the whole shoreline is lit up, illuminating the island and the bridge reaching it, with blue-violet lights, to create a dreamlike image. 

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