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Masuleh is located in 55 km of Rasht in the mountainous and sylvan area, on the rocky slopes with the height of 1050 m above the sea level. The climate of Masuleh is moderate and humid in summer and cold and humid in winter.

Pleasant climate and nature in 4 seasons of the year are the most important environmental factors of Masuleh region. The difference in height from the highest point to the lower one is about 100 m that is reason of creating the unique sight by Masuleh architecture.

The roof and the spaces in front of houses used as a sidewalk. The yard of the upper house is the roof of the lower house. This city is known by its unique architecture in all around the world and registered in the national monument list as cultural and natural heritage due to its buildings construction that all historical .

Masuleh is one of the best weather region and the most tourist area in Iran with high mountains, forest and lush countryside and abundant natural effects especially at the end of spring and summer.

Shah Moalem Mountaintop in Masuleh with the height of 3050 m is the highest point of Gilan province and an interesting target for mountaineering groups and tourists.

Currently, the economy of Masuleh depends on Tourism industry. The people who live in Masuleh speak in Taleshi with Masulehi dialect. The religion of these people is Islam and they are followers of Shia.



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