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Arak is located in middle of the interior foothills of the Zagros mountains range with the height of 1708 m above the sea level .This city enjoys the cold and humid winter, warm and arid summer. The mountains around the city, Miqan lagoon and Farahan plain have a significant impact on the weather of this region. Arak consists of 3 parts "Markazi", "Saroq", "Masoumieh", 6 cities and 11 rural districts.

Arak is newer than many cities in Iran. Arak transportation situation has been the most important factor in the development of the city in recent years. Arak is one of Iran's industrial centers, according to a variety of industrial products, firstly the existence of the primary industries, secondly its position as the fourth industrial center.

This city is known to be the industrial capital of Iran via Iran’s energy equipment, the world's largest aluminum manufacturer and the place of largest sodium sulfate mine. Machine Sazi Arak is one of the oldest factories in this city which is the largest producer of petrochemical and refinery equipment, oil and gas, transportation, cement and mining in Iran. Some handicrafts as carpet weaving industry are famous in all around the world as a major export product of the city. The people who live in Arak speak in Farsi with Araki dialect. Arak’s people are mostly Muslim and Shia followers. Also, minorities of Christian live in this city.

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