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Known as the city of flower and plant and the Netherlands of Iran, Mahalat is a city where so many greenhouses have been established. According to the provincial statistics, one percent of the area under cultivation of the decorative flowers and plants in the world has been devoted to Mahalat.  This city consists of two cities, one county and two rural districts and it has a population of 53381 based on 1390 S.H. census.

The flower industry is among the important and old industries of this city so that more than 700 greenhouse units are active there. Mahalat is the biggest producer of flower and plant in Iran.

In addition, the industry of breeding ornamental fishes is also popular in the city in so far as Mahalat is considered to be one of the main centers of ornamental fish breeding in Iran. These fishes are exported to other countries and this economic activity is regarded as one of the important sources of income for this city.

Khorheh village and its ancient site is among the most significant tourism attractions of the city. Khorheh village is located in 48km of Mahalat. Two high columns, the ruined remains of columns and a part of the stone walls are the surviving materials from this historic area.

Atashkuh fire temple is another historical monument of Mahalat city which dates back to Sassanid period. Jamshidi castle, the ancient dam of Nimvar, Miluneh tower and the historic bridge of Baqerabad are other samples of Mahalat historic works.

The village of decorative flowers and plants and Sarcheshmeh garden constitute other natural tourism attractions of the city. Located on the highest point of the city, Sarcheshmeh is immensely full of water more than any other water spring in Markazi province. Welfare possibilities have also been established in order to be used by tourists. An old giant plane tree is another spectacular phenomenon of Mahalat city grown in the center of Chenar square. Mahalat hot water spring is one famous example in all around Iran and the village of hot water is the host of tourists in different seasons of the year. Weaving carpet and pictorial carpet, Giveh, Mina and Ghadak are some of the interesting handicrafts of Mahalat. One can also buy different kinds of plant extracts, medicinal plants, Halva Ardeh, flower and plant, Gerdeh bread and honey as souvenirs of Mahalat.

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