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Pir Morad Abad Tomb

Pir Morad Abad Tomb

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Located fourteen kilometers northeast of Arak, the dates of Pir Morad Abad Tomb backs to sixth and fifth century AH. Arak nicknamed the Industrial Capital of Iran. As a major industrial city, Arak hosts several industrial factories inside and within a few kilometers outside the city, including the factory of Machine Sazi Arak and the Iranian Aluminium Company. These factories produce nearly half of the needs of the country in steel, petrochemical, and locomotive industries.

It is said that Shapur II (also known as Shapur II the Great, the tenth Sasanian King of Kings of Iran) was going to battle. He saw an old man while passing a region called Morad Abad and asked him if he was going to win or lose the battle. The old man answered him that he would definitely win the battle.

Shapur won the battle and decided to thank and to appreciate the old man for his good news before the battle. By the way, that old man had passed away before Shapur returned to Morad Abad. Hence, Shapur commanded to build a tomb for the pious old man and this is the story that how the Pir Morad Abad Tomb was built.

This is a common belief among the residences of Morad Abad and they narrated it to another. However, it seems that this story is not true as there is no official evidence.

The monument we find today belongs to the Seljuq dynasty and it is fourteen meters high. This is a rectangular building with twelve sides. All these sides are visible from inside and outside of the tomb, and they are decorated by Girih tiles and Bannai script.

You can see blind arcades on all sided and there is another blind arcade on the door of the main entrance. On top of the tomb, there is a huge egg-shaped double-shell dome.

There are two stairs to the roof inside and also two tombstones decorated by Cufic calligraphy and Cufic motives.

If you want to visit this tomb, go fourteen kilometers on the road from Arak to Farmahin, and if you continue on the right side of the road, you will reach Morad Abad village, where the tomb located.

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