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Zarrin Shahr

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Zarrin Shahr shines like a green jewel on the plain of Isfahan province. It is a lovely and warm city placed by the beach of Zayandeh Rud, surrounded by the patty fields. It’s history backs to more than one thousand years ago. With great potentials in the region of Lenjan, the city has put not only a great effort to maintain the social traditions, but also it has proceeded the way of development to be one of the most advanced cities in modern Iran. However, its modern prosperity has been the result of a combination of technological and cultural, religious and Islamic revolution achievements. 

The city of Zarrin Shahr is more than seventy square kilometers and it has more than sixty-five thousand population. Known also as the center of the industrial and agricultural city of Lenjan and one the most important cities of Isfahan province, Zarrin Shahr is located thirty-two kilometers away from Isfahan city. It is a dry climate with irregular seasons. Zayandeh Rud passes through the city appropriating the most picturesque beaches of the river. Being placed along the way of the strategic North-South Road, Zarrin Shahr has been turned into an highly crowded intersection in the central point of Iran, connecting the north, south, east and west together. 

Although people with completely different religions live together in Zarrin Shahr, they are at the same time religious, hard-working, honored and hospitable. Having a very long history, the city embraces a variety of historical, cultural and entertainment areas, among which we can refer to the great mosque and Sabahi mosque belonging to the fifth century Hijri. 

Among the main agricultural products of the region, you can find the rice, which are being planted in Zarrin Shahr and its surronding areas. The rice of the region is extremely smelly and delicious so that you might not fine the aroma of Lenjan rice anywhere around the world. Other products of the region include crops, citrus, beet and summer crops. 

The grand beach park of Zarrin Shahr locating in the margin of Zayande Rud is one of the most beautiful tourism attractions in the region. With 1600 meters height and 200 thousand square meters total area, it is placed in the southern region of the city, in the northern margin of Zayande Rud. The existence of a 300000-square-meter pool in the heart of the park including the boat riding and fishing facilities, has dramatically increased the attraction and population of the park. 

There have been some satisfactory facilities in this region in order for people to spend their leisure times, as the result of the municipality various projects, including the unique green space, the healthy entertainment centers, especially for kids, as well as the establishment of residential villas for temporary stay of passengers and buildings related to the hosting centers and restaurants. 

Zarrin Shahr is the center of the city of Lenjan. It is placed in the connecting way of five provinces of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari, Kohgiluyeha nd Buyer Ahmad, Khuzestan, Bushehr and Fars, so that those passengers who are going to reach Isfahan will pass through this city. 


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