Hamedan Province
Time Zone


Few Clouds

GashaniVillage is placed in the central part of Tuyserkan city, twenty-five kilometers away from Hamedan and actually before Hamedan-Ganjnameh Road, toward Babapir Ali village and Tuyserkan city. The average height of this village is 220 meters above the sea level and its climate is cold and mountainous. The village has a long history. It is stated that it belongs to more than 500 years ago and therefore, it is now considered to be one of the tourism destinations in the province. People speak in two language of Lori and Azeri here. They are Muslims and the followers of Jafari Shia religion. The climatic conditions, proper annual rainfall and the abundance of beautiful water springs have made various spectacular landscapes here. A variety of walnut, almond, plum, apricot and cherry gardens in the surrounding areas of this village especially in some seasons have made an attractive place for travelers. A distinct feature of Gashanivillage is its old texture and stair-stepped architecture. 



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