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Alisadr Cave

Alisadr Cave


Alisadr Cave

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Alisadr cave, the only lagoon cave in Iran, is one of the largest and longest water caves in the world related to the Jurassic period (the Second geological period). This cave is located in Alisadr village, in Hamedan province. It is worth mentioning that Alisadr Cave is one of the few navigable water caves in the world.
This amazing cave is situated at the height of 1980 meters above the sea level in Zagros mountain. The entrance parts of this interesting cave were used by people in the Safavid era (1501-1763). Alisadr cave was discovered by a team of mountain climbers and spelunkers of Hamedan in 1962-1963, and the entrance of the cave was widened 50 cm in 1973.
Public use of this cave has begun since 1975. The cave area has numerous twist and turns corridors and a great lake inside, created by some streams of water which can be penetrated deep only by boat. The water of the lake is clean, however, it is not drinkable due to the presence of abundant calcareous salt in water. The roof of the cave, which in some parts is up to 10 meters above the water level, is covered with pure calcium carbonate and in some parts is mixed with other elements. These sediments can be seen in various forms on the floor of the cave and in places where there is no water, in various and attractive forms. Along the way, you will see stalactites and stalagmites, rocks and sculptures in strange or animal-like forms. The water of Alisadr Cave lakes is so clear that it can be seen up to a depth of 10 meters with normal light and the naked eye.
The view inside of the cave is quite unique and its weather is cool in summer and warm and pleasant in winter. Some measures have been taken to increase the length of the waterways for boating as well as land routes which have added new and beautiful views to the experience of visiting the cave. Moreover, around the cave, there are accommodation, tourism, and recreational facilities around the cave area and also the possibility of mountaineering is provided in this area.
To reach this stunning cave you need to go to Kabudarahang city in Hamedan province, and after passing Noje three ways, you can drive through Alisadr village and Alisadr Cave. Due to the weather of Hamedan, it is recommended to visit it in Spring or Summer. 

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