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Baba Taher Mausoleum

Baba Taher Mausoleum


Baba Taher Mausoleum

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Baba Taher Mausoleum is located on a hill in the northwest of Hamedan, in front of the Alvand peak.
Baba Taher, known as "Baba Taher Oryan", a Sufi mystic and poet of the 11th century, was from the vicinity of Hamedan, who is known for composing mystical and brilliant Do-beiti (Persian quatrain). Scholars have obtained numerous dates for the birth and death of this famous poet from several sources that have been recorded in history. Baba Taher held a high position in Sufism.
The old mausoleum of Baba Taher was built in the shape of an octagonal brick tower in 12th century. This tower was destroyed in the early 20th century. Therefore, in 1938, during the reign of Reza Pahlavi, Baba Taher Tomb was simply renovated. This tomb was repaired and renovated again between 1950 and 1952. The construction of the new building of the Baba Taher mausoleum began in 1967, by the order of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Eventually, in 1970, the construction of the current building of Baba Taher Mausoleum was completed by Engineer Mohsen Foroughi in a field with an area of more than one hundred thousand square meters.
The Baba Taher Mausoleum, with dimensions of 10 by 10 meters, consists of a set of prisms that have entrances and light holes. The foundation of this construction is made of stone, lime and insulation.
The plan of this amazing construction is an octagonal base, which the height is approximately 25 meters. In the construction of the eight pillars of the tower, the tombstone, the floor covering as well as the stairs around the tomb tower, excellent carved granite stone has been used and the exterior of the building is made of high quality white stone. Very delicate mosaic tiles and Bannai script used in the interior of the tomb, has given a special effect to this fantastic mausoleum. Some inscriptions of Baba Taher’s Do-beyti on 24 marble stones give this construction a very eye-catching design.
Next to Baba Taher Mausoleum, there are tombs of famous people in Hamedan.

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