The Vernal Winter of Chabahar

The Vernal Winter of Chabahar


Day 1

The destination of this trip is the greatest ocean port of Iran that flows directly into the open waters. In the extreme southern region of the province of Sistan and Baluchestan, where the land reaches to the sea, a different city from all other areas of Iran is waiting for you: Chabahar.

The easiest way to come here from the center of Iran is the airline. Tehran, Mashhad, Bandar Abbas and Zahedan airports operate flights to this farthest port of Iran as quickly as possible! If you are interested in adventure and you have enough time, train would be a better choice; however, the train station of Chabahar has not yet been established and you must come here from Zahedan or Bandar Abbas train station by car. If you are used to traveling by car, shipping your car by train is an option that has been provided by both Bandar Abbas and Zahedan trains and this way, you can spend some time recovering from the trip.

Arriving in Chabahar, don’t forget to pay a visit to the local market of this city. People of the city buy their required items from this place. It is said that the market had been initially formed by the grandmothers and peddler women and that is why it is today called the Market of Grandmothers or Balouk Bazar. You can find here everything but the kitchen sink! However, the most interesting part of it is fabric and spices that you can buy as the souvenirs of that place.  

After having local spicy food, leave for Tis village to start a journey into history. Sayyed Qolam Rasul mausoleum, Tis mosque, triple caves of Tis that are also called Baan Mesiti caves and temple and Portuguese fort are among the main attractions of Tis that are located nearby.

Day 2

The mud volcano of Bandar-e Tang is the next destination that makes you leave the lovely city of Chabahar and its warm people. This volcano is placed along the road of Chabahar to Bandar Abbas and it is about 110 kilometers far from Chabahar. Stop in Koarak and get familiar with a part of the traditional fishing process carried out by the local people, in its fishing pier.

After visiting the mud volcano, you can also pay a visit to one of the most distinctive natural regions of Iran on the coast of Darak village where is the intersection of the fluid sands with the ocean. It is approximately one hour from Bandar-e Tang to Darak.  

Day 3

Move toward the east from Chabahar and your last destination is Gwadar Bay in the borderline point between Iran and Pakistan. Lipar or pink lagoon, rock and sand coasts, Martian or Miniature mountains, Pasabandar and Beris will surprise you on the way. Finally, experience the birdwatching with locals, boat riding in Gwadar Bay and a marine tour in mangrove forests. Wake up at the early morning to have enough time for seeing all these sites and plan for a night stay in Chabahar.

There are many good hotels in Chabahar and you can also experience a night in an ecotourism house.

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