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Rezvanshahr is one of the cities of Gilan province with a famous paper factory that plays a main part in the paper production in all around the country. 
Rezvanshahr is located between the coast of Caspian Sea and Talesh mountains. This city consists of two mountainous and forest parts. Across about 22kilometers of the north of the city the coast of Caspian Sea is observed, in other words, approximately 30% of the area of city is occupied by a forest and mountainous region. The other 30% belongs to the hillsides and 40% to the jungle, countryside, mountains and pasture. 
The western neighbor is Khalkhal and the eastern one is Bandar Anzali. Masal and Someh Sara are located in the south of Rezvanshahr. It is about one hour and 20minutes distance to Rasht and about five hours to Tehran. 
Markazi and Paresar districts are in this city. Markazi consists of Khoshabar, Gilan and Doulab rural districts and Paresar includes Dinachal and Ardhe rural districts. 
Leaving out the paper and wood factory that is famous in the Middle East, cultivation of rice, wheat, barley and corn is highly popular is this region as the main source of income for people. Gardening, fish and silkworm breeding, tobacco cultivating and beekeeping are the other occupations of people in Rezvanshahr. Regarding the green nature of the region animal husbandry is highly popular. 
One can travel to Rezvanshahr in all seasons, however, like the other coastal cities, summer is the best time. White mosque in Kisheh Khale village in the north of Dinachal is one of the most famous tourism attractions of this region. Visadar waterfall in 156km of Paresar, the brick bridge of Punel above the road of Rezvanshahr to Talesh, Amir Sasan castle in Ardeh village and the historic cemetery of Paranparan cemetery are among the attractions of this city. 
Different cookies like Respi, Ali halva, Zarrin bread and Doushab are cooked in Rezvanshahr.  Filled fish in Gilan style, Chegel Polo, Kale Pache Polo, Longi eggplant, Gazpolo, Khale Khater, vazpate and kinds of pottage are local also local foods. 
Kilim is the best-known handicraft of Rezvanshahr. Kinds of local halva, black sauce, pickle, honey, local dairy products, tea and olive are the souvenirs of Rezvanshahr. Mat, wood and wool handmade products can also be found here. 
Many traditional and local rituals have been held in Rezvanshahr some of which are still popular among the families or can be traced and observed in local festivals. Ney playing, Sorena playing and “taking the bride” along with some local games as Dopa Kiseh, Dopa Choob, “tug of war” and Gileh Mard athlete have been commonplace here. 


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