Qavam ol-Doleh (Vosuq ol-Doleh) House in Tehran

Qavam ol-Doleh (Vosuq ol-Doleh) House in Tehran


Qavam ol-Doleh (Vosuq ol-Doleh) House in Tehran

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Tehran has many historical and valuable houses that has been remained from the past. One of these houses is the Mansion of Vosuq ol-Doleh that transfixes the viewer by its attractive architecture.

Go to Amir Kabir street, before Sarcheshmeh intersection, you reach Persian Gulf Mall, where the sign of Mirza Mahmoud Vazir or Alireza Javid alley is seen. Enter the alley. It doesn’t need to read the number of houses because the brick house of Vosuq attracts you by its brown wooden door.

The house was built in 1211 AH, in time of Mohammad Shah Qajar. The owner was Mirza Mohammad Mostofi Qavam ol-Doleh, the Mirza Mohammad Taqi Ashtiani’s son, that was then a famous individual. It is not clear whether Qavam ol-Doleh, the prime minister of Naser al-Din shah, inherited the house or bought it! Either way, the house is famous as the house of Qavam ol-Doleh or Vosuq ol-Doleh.  

Like other mansions of Qajar period, an eye-catching symmetry is seen in the house. Several pools and gardens have been designed in the external yard and the internal yard is symmetrical to it. Two yards are connected through some halls.

Two large halls namely Ayeneh (mirror), dining room and three rooms are placed in the first floor. The dining room was built in the southern side of the house and is proper for winters. Mirror hall was, in fact, the guest room in which the Orosis have been decorated with colorful glasses.

There are six rooms in the second floor placed along two corridors; Three rooms in the west and three rooms in the east. The basement is accessible from the internal yard.

The unique feature of the house is two symmetrical brick windward. A small gable roof is seen between the two. One of the most attractive parts of the house is Haftdari room (meaning a room that has seven doors) that has been artistically decorated.

The house was restored several times among which the significant project was carried out between 1345 and 1350 SH. Qavam House was 12000 square meter area and its door opened in Qavam bathhouse that has not remained today. Currently, the construction is limited to the internal and external parts. The green space located there was, in fact, the parking of carriage that was near the house.

There is also another mansion namely Vosuq al-Doleh in Soleimanieh Garden in Tehran that was the location of Shahrzad series, the house of Bozorg Aqa.

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