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Saveh is located in the north of Markazi province at the height of 995 meters above the sea level. The climate of this city is warm and semi-arid in east by vicinity to desert and and cold in the mountainous region of the west.

Saveh consists of 2 parts naming “Markazi”,”Nobaran “, three cities and 7 rural districts. Saveh is a vast city in Markazi province. Even lands and plains have constituted the vast parts of this city. This plains begin from the south of Savh and continue to big desert of Savh having the fertile soil with many gardens so that the agricultural products are highly popular here based on its climatic diversity and the presence of Ghare Chay River and Alghadir dom.

The foundation of Save economy has constituted from industries and mines, animal husbandry, agricultural products as pomegranate, dried fig and melon.. There are handicrafts, including earthenware jug and carpets, monuments and numerous tourist and pilgrimage attractions related to various historical eras in this region.

The people of Savh speak in Farsi in Savehi and Turki dialect. Shahsavan tribe is the only tribe in Saveh who speak in Turki. This city is one of the important regions in Iran with Shitte residents.

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