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Kuhrang is a visitable city in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province that embraces many spectacular attractions. This city is best-known as the roof of Iran and two main rivers of Zayanderud and Karoun originate from here.

The center of Kuhrang county is Chelgerd city. Kuhrang has three districts; in the central one there are rural districts of Miankuh, Dasht-e Zarrin, and Shourab-e Tangzi. The second district is Bazoft containing two rural districts of the upper Bazoft and lower Bazoft. The rural districts of Shahriari and Samsami are placed in Doab-e Samsami district.

Kuhrang has been formed near Zagros mountains. It is approximately one hour and a half distance to the capital city of the province and seven hours to Tehran. The northern neighbor of this city is Shahr-e Kurd and the southern neighbor is Ardal and Izeh. It reaches Farsan to the east and Andika to the west. According to the ancient and historical monuments of this region, its antiquity is estimated to be as early as the Neolithic age.

People of Kuhrang are mostly from Bakhtiari tribe who speak in Bakhtiari language. Most of population of Haft-lang tribe of Bakhtiari live in Chelgerd.

Approximately 11milion tourists visit Kuhrang annually. One of the tourism attractions that made the name of Kuhrang to such extent famous is the Fritillaries plain. The best time for visiting this natural site is Ordibehesht. Locals call this plain Gol Begeriv.

The summer and winter ski resorts, Dimeh Spring in the village of Dimeh, Sheikh Alian waterfall in the village of Sar Aqa and Kuhrang spring on the hillside of Zardkuh are among the attractions of this region. When tourists travel to Kuhrang they visit the first tunnel of Kuhrang, its waterfall and the ice cave of Chama, as well. In autumn, it is possible to see the nomadic immigration and to stay in the nomadic tourism camp.

Bakhtiari Kebab that its reputation reached beyond the region is the main local food of Kuhrang. Kal Joosh in another one which is made from Kashk and onion. Omaj, tiri bread, oak bread, Gerdeh bread, the meatball of eid’s night and the cookie of Agerdak are also cooked in this region.

Regarding the green nature of this area, dairy products like Kashk, Kuhrang honey, celery and other vegetables such as Suraneh and chives are the main souvenirs of this region. Moreover, weaving carpet, rugs, Khorjin, Siah Chador and Card are popular handicrafts here.  

People of Kuhrang play corny in wedding ceremonies that is a local instrument. This instrument is played along with Dastmal Bazi and Choob Bazi games that are among the Bakhtiari tribe’s rituals. They help each other financially in the mourning rite to hold more easily.

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