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Chelgerd Ski Resort

Chelgerd Ski Resort


Chelgerd Ski Resort

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Chelgerd Ski Resort or Kuhrang Ski Resort (Persian: پست اسکی چلگرد) is situated in Chelgerd in Kuhrang county. This resort is approximately 85 km away from Shahr-e Kord (center of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province). Ski resorts in the western and northwestern regions of Iran have unique features thanks to their location in the cold mountainous area and heavy snowfall. One of these resorts, one of the most spectacular ski resorts in Iran, is Chelgerd Ski Resort. Besides, Chelgerd Ski Resort is l50 km far from a village called Sar Aqa Seyyed, which is another recreational attraction in this area. Heavy snowfall in the Kuhrang area (from December to March) has led to a permanent glacier at the Chelgerd Ski Resort. Sometimes the height of snow reaches more than 15 meters in the cold season in these areas.
Kuhrang Ski Resort was inaugurated near the first Kuhrang tunnel in the Zagros region in 1975. The best way to reach this recreational-sports complex is to use a personal car to take you to the destination via the asphalt road. Arriving at the destination, you can use the parking lot. Chelgerd Ski Resort possesses a variety of lifts to shift visitors.  For people who intend to stay for a long time in this area, all kinds of accommodations, cafes, and restaurants are ready in Kuhrang county.
In addition to winter attractions, this area also enjoys several natural and recreational attractions in other seasons. Inside the slope, it is possible to ski on the grass in the hot season, for those interested. Moreover, near the Kuhrang Ski Resort, you can be delighted by visiting the fritillaries in the unique and spectacular plains in spring. Also, the slopes of Zard-Kuh Mountain are full of various plant species in summer that can be used for food and medicine. In autumn, this area is also a place of nomadic migration. Therefore, the Kuhrang region can be introduced as a four-season attraction. Kuhrang Tunnel, fritillaries, Kuhrang Waterfall, and Dimeh Water Spring are only some of the natural and recreational attractions around Chelgerd Ski Resort that are recommended to visit during a trip to this area.

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