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Lordegan is a city in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province where you can easily access to Khuzestan, Kuhgiluyeh and Buyer Ahmad and Isfahan.  Lordegan is located inside a plain in the middle of Zagros mountains. The average of its latitude is 1700 meters from the sea level and its climate is semi-humid and warm with semi-cold winters.

The northern neighbor of Lordegan are Brojen and Ardal. It reaches Kuhgiluyeh and Buyer Ahmad to the south. Lordegan shares land borders with Isfahan to the east and Khuzestan to the west. Its distance to the center of the province, i.e., Shahr-e Kurd, is 160km and it is 650km away from Tehran.

Five districts of Lordegan, Aluni, Mahkhalifeh, Sardsht and Monj belong to Lordegan county. Also, the central district, Monj, Falard, Khanmirza, Rodasht along with the rural districts of Sardasht, Doudera, Rig, Milas, Armand, Khanmirza, Javanmardi, Poshtkuh, Falard, Monj and Barez are among the environs of Lordegan.

Regarding the cold winters, the best time for traveling to Lordegan is spring and summer. There are many tourism attractions in this region. Barm spring, Atashgah waterfall and oak forests are among the most popular attractions of Lordegan. Kondor ancient hill that is called Tal-e Kondor by locals, is placed in Falard district in Kondor village.

Many nature trekkers choose the margins of Khersan, Monj, and Armand rivers as well as Karoun Dam4.Tang-e Zendan valley, Hezar Darreh, Sandegan spring in Sandegan village, forest park of Parvaz, Milas spring and salty dome of Behzad Garden are the attractions of Lordegan.

Local foods such as Bakhtiari Kebab, Kardi or Kardeh pottage, mung bean and rice, Kaal Joosh, Parvard dough and milk Kachi are cooked in Lordegan. 

The handicrafts of Lordegan are carpet, kilim and Jajim weaving. One can buy the local costumes as the souvenir. Tiri bread is the local bread of Bakhtiari and is popular in this city, too. Dairy products like Kashk, local fat, rice, Kolkhung and pomegranate sauce are other souvenirs of Lordegan.

People of Lordegan eats Sabzi Polo and fish in the night of Norouz and they present date and rice pudding in the memory of their deceased relatives.

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