As a historical and civilized capital of Iran, with a rich culture and food tradition, Hamedan province features the great food diversity, in the west of country. Hamedan’s Sardashi Kebab is one of the traditional and special foods of this province with many fans not only in Hamedan but also in all around of Iran.

This Kebab is one of the most famous and remarkably old kebabs with good smell indicating a part of this culture and people's lifestyle. Sardashi, a traditional and valuable food of Hamedan, is mostly served in ceremonies. This Kebab is cooked with a combination of lamb meat, onion, potato, green pepper, salt, spice and tomato; The lack of modern equipment at home enforced past people to delegate Sardashi cooking to Sangak bakery in order to grill prepared foodstuff over the bakery stove. Accordingly, this food became famous as Sardashi, which means cooking Sar-e Dāsh OR "over the heat in the kiln". This delicious kebab is dished out with bread or rice (Polo) and also the other ingredients such as onion, lemon, vegetables and Doogh.

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