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Zanjan Bazaar

Zanjan Bazaar


Zanjan Bazaar

Broken Clouds

Broken Clouds





Zanjan Bazaar, which is located in the center of Zanjan city, begins from "Sabzeh Maidan", and it is next to the Jama Mosque or "Seyed Mosque". Zanjan Bazaar is one of the longest Iranian Bazaar with a roofed-structure. The construction of the bazaar in this city dates back to the Mohammad Khan Qajar era (1789-1797). 
The architecture of Zanjan Bazaar is in a way that the main axis divides the Bazaar into two parts, East and West. This Bazaar is separated into 8 Rasteh Bazaar (a series of shops) according to the type of activities carried out in each Rasteh, among which we can mention the Rasteh of goldsmiths, saddlers, shoemakers, drapers, and several other Rastehs. One of the most eye-catching parts of the Bazaar is Qeysarieh Rasteh due to its delicate and precious goods.
The caravanserais (historical inns) in this Bazaar is another glorious part of this complex that cannot be ignored at all.  Among these caravanserais that played a crucial role in stimulating the economic activity of the Bazaar, we can name the house or caravanserai of "Haj Ali Gholi" and "Haj Karbalaei Ali House".
In the construction of Zanjan Bazaar, stunning architectural decorations and delicate details have been used. All the elements of the Zanjan Bazaar, including stores, Rastehs, and caravanserais, are decorated with professional techniques such as various types of arches as well as brickwork with different geometric designs. It also has fantastic tiling with colors and designs of the Qajar era (1789-1925) on the facade and interior walls.
These days, the fruit market, which you can enter through the Saadi Street entrance, is more prosperous than other parts of the Zanjan Bazaar. Therefore, all kinds of seasonal fruits, especially garden products of Zanjan province can be found in it. To enter other parts of the bazaar, you can also enter through "Amirkabir" street or Sabzeh Maidan.

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