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Yasuj Waterfall

Yasuj Waterfall


Yasuj Waterfall

Clear Sky

Clear Sky





Yasuj beautiful and famous waterfall that originates from water sources in Zagros Mountains is the main tourist attraction of this city.

Its special position, located in the nature capital of Iran, pleasant weather, beautiful landscape, streams of water in the spiral path, orchards, lush meadows full of colorful flowers is stunning areas of the spring, summer and fall in Yasuj.

There is a promenade beside the waterfall that has doubled the beauty of this region along the forest covered with oak, sycamore, walnut and apple trees. There are appropriate benches and gazebo to the nature of this area for tourists' relaxation and entertainment in the neighborhood of this promenade.

Every corner of this area shows a manifestation of Kohgiluyeh & Boyer Ahmad culture and traditional folk art.

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