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Cheshme Belghais Garden

Cheshme Belghais Garden


Cheshme Belghais Garden

Broken Clouds

Broken Clouds





Next to the Shahrak Village, near Charam city, Cheshme Belghais Garden is located on the road Chram-Gachsaran, two hundred and twenty kilometers southwest of Yasuj, in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province. This garden can be found in a plain called Shahrak-e Qal‘eh Karreh Shahbazi.

Before 1320s SH, Cheshme Belghais was only a woodland covered by willow and European ash trees. The process of building this Iranian garden has started by planting trees, paving, creating pool and bridges in 1323 SH. Constructing the irrigation system, which took place by using the water springs and flow of the rivers, was a part of organizing Cheshme Belghais Garden.

This process finished in 1336 SH and it was renovated another time in 1393 SH. During this process, some handmade waterfalls, glass bridges, touristic couches, and gazebos were added to the complex.

Nowadays, the size of Cheshme Belghais Garden is almost five and a half hectares. Also, a tower that reaches a height of fifteen meters and a width of seven meters was created in its west and some huge stones were placed in the east of the garden in order to build a twenty-meter waterfall.

In the middle of Cheshme Belghais Garden, a pool has been built. It has a radius of four meters and a depth of one and a half meters. The pool has two waterways to inside and to outside, which made a part of the whole irrigation system.

In this system, the water of springs circulates in all the corners of the garden. Following the waterways, all the water of these ditches leads to a large one which flows to the pool. Additional and wastewater of the pool irrigate wheat, grain, and rice farms of Charam. They flow into the Nazmakan River, which later pours into Kosar dam.

The vegetation of this garden is an assemblage of walnut, pears, apples, sour lemons, figs, morus, and bitter orange. In addition to these plants, eucalyptus, cedar, oak, cedar, persimmon, orange, tangerine, grape and palm are added to this garden. By lightning system placed all over the garden, the beauty of these trees represents reduplicated in the dark of night.

Next to Cheshme Belghais garden, there exists Omran Garden, which was built at the same time as Cheshme Belghais. A little further from these two gardens, there is another garden, Berkena. Also, there are two historical castles, Tal-e Babuneh, which is called Tal-e Babineh in the native dialect, and Ghal’eh Fashian, that are registered in the list of National Works of Iran.

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