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Kakan Ski Resort

Kakan Ski Resort


Kakan Ski Resort

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It is not only the children who get excited when it snows. The skiers and those who are fond of winter sports eagerly look forward to the first snow, too. One of the most popular ski resorts of Iran is Kakan, near Yasuj. In addition to the skiers, many travelers go there to enjoy snow tubing.

Kakan Ski Resort is located eighteen kilometers of Yasuj, not far away from the center of the province. You should only drive about half an hour of Yasuj – Eqlid Road to reach your destination. The distance of this site from Tehran is seven hundred and seventy kilometers. The province of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad is close to the provinces of Fars, Khuzestan and Isfahan. Those who travel to the south of Iran can easily visit Kakan, as well. The length of the ski path is six hundred meters, and its width is one thousand and five hundred meters. It is located about two thousand and six hundred meters above sea level.

Kakan Shi Resort, also known as Dena, was opened in 1373 SH. At the time it had only one lift. It was in 1384 SH that three chair lifts were installed there. Two of them are intended for professional skiers.

Kakan is one of the snowiest places, with the height of snow reaching three meters in winter. As the cold season starts during December and January, the skiers travel there. The resort is open until the end of winter. During the weekends, the foothills of Kakan is full of young and old visitors who make snowmen, glide on the snow, and enjoy their time. There are days when three thousand people visit this site. 

Besides its natural surroundings, Kakan Ski Resort has many facilities. Restaurants and hotels have been built there during the last years. A horse-riding arena and grass ski route are to be built, too. Ski equipment is available for rent. You can register for lessons by professional coaches, or enjoy ski tubing.

Annual winter festivals are held in January and February in Kakan. They include three competitions: sports, painting and snowman making. Ski and snowboard markets, snow sculpturing, climbing, local music shows, and photography are some of the side activities of these festivals.

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