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Tehran Aviation Exhibition

Tehran Aviation Exhibition


Tehran Aviation Exhibition







If you love flying and aviation industries, be sure to include visiting Tehran Aviation (Aerospace) Exhibition (Persian: نمایشگاه هوایی تهران, [Namāyeshgah-e Havāei Tehrān]
). Tehran Aviation Exhibition is located in front of Eram Park at the fourth kilometer of the Tehran-Karaj freeway. In this exhibition, old Iranian planes are displayed. This attraction is open to the public. Tehran Aviation Exhibition, also known as a kind of Tehran Aviation Museum, is the first and only permanent AviationExhibition in Iran and the Middle East. The exhibition is aimed at young people and teenagers who want to get acquainted with flying and aerospace topics. There is no age limit for visiting. The oldest plane in this exhibition is the one that flew in Iran in the 1970s. The area of ​​this complex is 40 hectares. It has various sections, including exhibited planes, and the Museum of the Aviation History of Iran and the World. The exhibition officially started to work in 1987. There are currently 42 planes on display. 
At the Tehran Aviation Exhibition, lovers can be trained in the basic and advanced level of aircraft production, flying with light aircraft, paramotor, and paraglider. With the full launch, missile aircraft and spaceplanes will also be on display. Also, astronomical and multimedia facilities, dimensional cinemas are going to be added to the collection. In addition to training and visits, keep in mind the visit of Ashraf Pahlavi's plane. Ashraf Pahlavi is the twin sister of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and a member of the Pahlavi dynasty.
You can also explore Eram park for more excitement, thanks to the proximity to Tehran Aviation Exhibition. The park houses several amusement parks, each with different rides. Eram Zoo and Money Museum are also located near Eram Park and Tehran Aviation Exhibition. Tehran Aviation Exhibition has easy access to Azadi Tower and Ghazzali Cinema Town. 
To visit the Tehran Aviation Exhibition, all you have to do is get to Sheikh Fazl-Allah Nouri Expressway to the west. After Bakri Expressway and right in front of Eram Park, this exhibition is located. The closest metro station is Eram Sabz station, and the nearest bus station is Eram Park station on the Karaj to Azadi Square line. The exhibition is open from Saturday to Friday between 9 am and 3 pm.

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