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Simin & Jalal Museum House


Simin & Jalal Museum House

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The contemporary history and literature of Iran has benefited from many honorable novelists’ thoughts and works. Among them, Simin Daneshvar and Jalal Al-e-Ahmad have special importance because of their influence on the following writers and intellectuals. In this regard, their house and things about them are extremely attractive for literature lovers.

The story of building the house is memorable. Jalal Al-e-Ahmad built this house through his income from authorship. When Simin was studying in America the land was bought and designed by Jalal Al-e-Ahmad with the contemporary architecture style.

This house has been the stamping ground of the famous politicians, poets and writers of that time such as Gholam Hossain Saedi, Ahmad shamlu and Imam Musa Sadr. The meetings that influenced on contemporary intellectual streams, on one hand, and on the intellectual transformation of this couple, on the other hand. After premature death of Jalal Al-e-Ahmad in 1348 SH, Simin Daneshavr, his faithful life, lived there until death.

To visit this museum house, you must leave for Dezaship district, Rahbari St. Arz dead end, in Tehran; a district where there is now no other similar house. This is a new museum that was established in 1397. A two-story building that is the host of culture lovers. Simin and Jalal Museum House has maintained its original form and undertaken some small changes.

At the entrance of the house the wax statute of Simin Daneshvar appears in front of the visitor, sitting on a chair. When you enter the house the statute of Jalal Al-e-Ahmad can be seen on half a floor, sitting at the table, that was the place where Jalal was writing his books and studying. There was a library in front of you in which there are his books and works. Other parts of the house, photo tableaus, furniture and utensils have been maintained in their original form.

This museum shows not only their romantic life but also is the indicator of history, policy, architecture, ritual and culture of its contemporary time. The museum house is open to public visit every days of a week, except for Saturdays, from 9:00 to 17:00.

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